Late Night: Why it is the Best Time to Fly Long Distance (JFK to HKG to TPE)

When is the best time of day to fly long distance? We say late night Why? There are many reasons!
1) We can work a full day and fly out that night. When constrained by a limited number of vacation days, maxing out time is crucial!
2) An empty airport means a faster security checkpoint with minimal or no lines. This may be the most important of all, as we know how miserable those TSA lines can be.
3) Less traffic on the ride to the airport thanks to off-peak driving hours.
4) When leaving our home base, it is easier to fall asleep on the plane on a late flight since it is closer to our natural sleep schedule. On this trip, we left at 1:35AM, so we were already very tired after working a full day.
This was the start to our latest trip to Asia. Even with a tiny bit of traffic on the way, we got to the airport quickly. JFK Airport in NYC was a ghost town compared to the usual chaos. We were excited to see only four people ahead of us at the security checkpoint. As opposed to the normally hectic atmosphere, it was a breeze by comparison.
About 16 hours later, we arrived in Hong Kong. Ironically, HKG was just as empty at 5AM as JFK was at 1AM when we left. We hit the lounge to eat and have a few drinks to take the edge off. Priority Pass came through in the clutch for us as always. It is a must if you travel often like we do. Thanks to our Chase Sapphire Reserve credit cards, Priority Pass comes at no additional cost. After 15 hours in the air, it feels great to be able to eat complementary food and sip on free drinks. Drinking beer at 5AM is a nice plus, too.
Hope you enjoy watching our experience flying half way across the world and were able to get some tips out of it! Do you agree on flying late nights for long haul trips? If not, do you have a certain time of day that you like to take long haul flights from your home base? Let us know in the comments!
Thanks for watching and reading!
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