Who We Are


We are a NYC-based couple who travel and explore the city via food. Greg is a native New Yorker born and raised in Queens and a licensed NYC sightseeing guide. Jo Mae born and raised in Visayas Region of Philippines who’s been living in NYC for over 10 years.

We often travel outside the country and explore food. In turn, we bring that local knowledge back to our community. This lends a unique perspective to the food. We constantly seek out new places and frequent the eateries to showcase on the tour. You can find us (Food and Footprints) on Instagram, Facebook and our YouTube channel. 

A Little Bit of History

First of all, Thank you for considering our food tour. It started as a hobby for us as a couple -eat and travel. Thanks to instagram which became an outlet for posting our food adventures. It grew in to something else. Our friends started reaching out to us to take them on a food tour. And now here we are!

We are offering our food tour to you all! This food tour is a street walking food tour. Come and join the fun!


Book Food Tour With Us

We will eat at several hole in the wall eateries, carts and trucks across Jackson Heights, Queens New York City. 

Itineraries can be tweaked for dietary restrictions. Come with an open mind, comfortable shoes, empty stomach and we’ll take care of the rest!

This is our passion and we like our guests to feel like friends.


You will have the opportunity to learn more about New York City from a native's perspective and how it has changed over the years

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Ideal for second timers, groups or to anybody who prefers to do the tour according to their liking. Send us a private message!


Ideal for extra large groups such as team building, holiday party and more!
Let us know when and where and we'll deliver!

We Go Global Food Tour!

if you or anyone you know coming to the countries  listed below, let us know

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