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Coffee in Greece: Greek Coffee, Freddo and Frappe – Greek Coffee Guide

In this episode, we will break down some of the key styles and phrases you need to know for ordering coffee in Greece. In Greece, coffee is not just a culture, but a lifestyle! There are four major types of Greek coffee to know.  These four are Greek coffee, freddo cappuccino, frappe and freddo espresso. Earlier this year, we drank freddo cappuccino in our Greek Astoria video. Also, we wrote a piece about the place where we had freddo cappuccino, Coffee Pot. Now, we will take you to the motherland and drink coffee in Athens, Greece.


1: Mokka Specialty Coffee
Athinas 44
Athina 105 51, Greece


At Mokka, we ordered the traditional Greek coffee. Similar to Turkish coffee, Greek coffee is unfiltered and leaved a sediment at the bottom that you don’t drink. Here, it is heated over a hot surface covered in sand. The coffee is heated in the briki until the foam rises. After the foam rises to the top, it is taken out of the sand and ready to pour into a cup. Also, we ordered a freddo cappuccino to go with the Greek coffee.

2: Coffee Island
Leof. Alexandras 190
Athina 115 22, Greece


Coffee Island is a popular coffee chain that started in Greece. Here, we ordered two coffees for takeaway – frappe and freddo espresso. Interestingly, frappe was invented by accident. It is a popular iced coffee in Greece that uses a special type of instant Nescafe coffee. An employee of Nestle in Greece didn’t have hot water for his instant Nescafe. Instead, he resorted to using cold water and ice cubes. Thankfully, this accident created the iconic Greek frappe!

Let us know in the comments below which coffee we had that you would most like to try.

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