Where to Eat in San Juan Puerto Rico: San Juan Puerto Rico Food Tour (Video)

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In this video, we will take you to San Juan, Puerto Rico. We started off in Old San Juan and ate delicious food. Then, we explored more of the beautiful buildings and sights of the city. After, we ate and drank some more!

Take a look at the list below for all of the stops on this video.


1: La Bombonera


Our first stop was La Bombonera, a historic cafe in Old San Juan. Here, we ordered a mallorca, a classic Puerto Rican pastry.


2: Cafe Manolin Old San Juan

Our first full meal of the day was from Cafe Manolin Old San Juan. This spot is an old school breakfast and lunch counter full of locals. Here, we ordered mofongo con camarones and higado encebollado.

3: Cafeteria Mallorca

Up next, we decided to eat more Mallorca. But, this time we decided to order it with a savory twist. Here, we ordered it with ham and cheese inside the sweet pastry.

4: Don Ruiz

After all of that food, we wanted to take a coffee break. Don Ruiz was a great spot to relax and fuel up with some caffeine in a beautiful setting in Cuartel de Ballaja.


5: Castillo San Felipe del Morro


Of course, a stay in San Juan wouldn’t be complete without a stop here. The historic Castillo San Felipe del Morro is beautiful with views of the sea and city.


6: Barrachina


Before dinner, we decided to have pina coladas at Barrachina. Here, it is said that this is where the iconic cocktail was invented. It was strong and refreshing with a great vibe inside.


7: La Cueva del Mar


For dinner, we left Old San Juan. Our initial choice was closed, so we went to La Cueva del Mar. Here, we feasted on seafood. First, we ordered empanada filled with dorado (mahi mahi). Next, we ordered octopus, perfectly grilled. Then, we finished off with a fried whole red snapper with breadfruit tostones (tostones de pana).

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