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Peruvian Food in New York: Where to Eat Peruvian Food in  NYC

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In this video, we will take you to four spots for Peruvian food in New York. 

Take a look at the list below for all of the stops on this tour. Many can be found on the below maps:


Jackson Heights


1: Antojitos Doña Fela Cart (Weekends Only)
North side of Roosevelt Ave between 89 & 90 St
Jackson Heights, NY 11372


Our first stop is for Peruvian breakfast at the Antojitos Doña Fela Cart located on the north side of Roosevelt Avenue between 89th & 90th Streets in Jackson Heights, Queens.

This weekend-only cart is run by three Peruvian women from the neighborhood. First, they began selling out of a shopping cart before eventually expanding to a full-scale food cart.

They begin selling food at 6:30AM with breakfast dishes. We began with a Peruvian tamale, wrapped in banana leaf and served with pickled onions. To drink, we ordered emoliente, a hot drink made of herbs that aids in digestion.


2: Juanitas Cafe
84-15 Northern Blvd
Jackson Heights, NY 11372


Our second stop takes us to Juanitas Cafe, which specializes in Peruvian sandwiches. When we visited Lima, Peru back in 2018, we ate at two of the most famous sangucherias – La Lucha and El Chinito.

The famous Peruvian chicken mini-chain, Pio Pio, owns this sangucheria. With that, they also have plenty of their delicious green sauce on offer.

Here, we ordered a chicharron sandwich, which comes packed with fried pork shoulder and slices of fried sweet potato. On the side, there are pickled onions to cut through the richness. We liked how the bread was thin and allowed for the filling to shine.

On separate visits, we also tried the lomo saltado sandwich and jamon del país, both delicious. In the backyard, there is a wonderful seating area to dine al fresco. We also recommend the sangria, which makes for a perfect brunch pairing with sandwiches.


3: Antojitos Doña Fela Cart (Weekends Only)
North side of Roosevelt Ave between 89 & 90 St
Jackson Heights, NY 11372


Our third stop brings us back to the Antojitos Doña Fela cart. Why? Because they have an entirely separate menu for lunch beginning at 1PM!

This is the only Peruvian street food cart currently operating in NYC. They offer many Peruvian specialties including anticuchos, picarones, ceviche and chicharron con camote.

Here, we ordered the anticuchos, grilled marinated beef hearts served on skewers. Each platter comes with three large skewers and a side of papa a la huancaina, boiled potatoes served in a creamy yellow sauce made with aji chile, cheese and crackers to thicken it.

Also, we ordered picarones, fried dough rings made from sweet potato and squash. Drizzled on top is a syrup made with orange rind and clove. These are very light and airy with the syrup not too sweet. To wash it all down, we ordered chicha morada, a drink made from purple corn along with cinnamon, clove and citrus. Here, it is made fresh and not too sweet.


4: Caravan Chicken
35-01 Broadway
Astoria, NY 11106


Our next stop takes us to Astoria, Queens for Chifa cuisine. Chifa is the fusion of Peruvian and Chinese cuisines. Caravan Chicken is a longtime favorite of Greg, who grew up coming here with family.

They specialize in Peruvian style pollo a la brasa, or roasted chicken. Here, we ordered a combo of roast chicken along with BBQ ribs over pork fried rice.

However, we also brought in some contraband. Recall that Pio Pio has the notorious green sauce. So, we decided to buy a container to bring here to pair with the chicken. Caravan has their own house-made green sauce, but it lacks the intense flavors and creamy texture of Pio Pio’s.


5: Urubamba
86-20 37th Ave
Jackson Heights, NY 11372


Our final stop takes us to Urubamba. This is our favorite full-scale sit-down Peruvian restaurant in NYC. We have been countless times over the years with family.

Interestingly, we drove past Urubamba in Peru as we traveled from Cusco to Ollantaytambo.

Here, we ordered a large variety of dishes, including ceviche de pescado (corvina ceviche) tacu tacu con pollo (rice and canary bean patty topped with grilled chicken), lomo saltado and rachi (grilled bible tripe). 

For dessert, we ordered lucuma ice cream made with lucuma fruit native to Peru and alfajor, dulce de leche sandwiched by two shortbread cookies.

Let us know in the comments below which dish you would most like to try.

Stay tuned for more vlogs. We are excited to show you some great NYC content!

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Thanks for watching and reading!