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Olde World Apizza

Olde World Apizza Exterior Hamden New Haven

We embarked on a mission to explore pizza in Connecticut outside of places we visited in New Haven.  This mission continued with Olde World Apizza, just north of New Haven. Located in North Haven, Olde World is a low-key spot that is in a small strip mall. Before we walked inside, we noticed something interesting to the right of the storefront. Curiously, there was a small garden set up with tomatoes and more. Regretfully, we failed to ask the staff if it was their garden, but it was already a positive sign.

Olde World Apizza Garden

Olde World Apizza Garden

Inside of the small shop, there is a counter in front and just three tables. To the left, there is a refrigerator branded with the local Foxon Park  brand soda, stocked with a variety of flavors. Just to the left of the counter is a small window to the pizza-making area. The brick oven is large and cooks the pies quickly. We decided to order a small plain, which is a classic tomato pie. Much like Rossini’s in Cheshire,we wanted to keep it light and taste the flavor of the crust.

Olde World Apizza Foxon Park

Shortly after ordering, we received our oblong-shaped plain pie. Immediately, we noticed the pie had a very good char on the outside. Also, the pie was large for the size and looked to be a great value for $8. We were impressed from the first bite, as the sauce was zesty and had a nice amount of oregano. Plenty of grated hard cheese on top added that pleasant funk to complement the tomato flavor.

Olde World Apizza Hamden New Haven

This was another pie that increased my appreciation for the tomato pie style. The crust is thin, but has a nice fluffiness to the cornicione, unlike other spots in New Haven. Once again, no mozzarella really allows the flavor of the crust to shine and results in a lighter product. It was great to have yet another delicious pizza in Connecticut, further proving how excellent the pizza scene is in the whole state.
Have you been to Olde World Apizza? Do you know of any more underrated spots for pizza around the New Haven area? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!
Olde World Apizza
1957 Whitney Ave
North Haven, CT 06473