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Italian American Food in NYC: Old School Italian American Food New York

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In this video, we will take you to three spots for old school Italian American food in NYC. Specifically, we will be in South Brooklyn, which traditionally has a large Italian American community.
Take a look at the list below for all of the stops on this tour. These spots can be found on the below map:
1: Randazzo’s Clam Bar 2017 Emmons Ave       Brooklyn, NY 11235
Our first stop for Italian American food in NYC is Randazzo’s Clam Bar. Located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, it is a classic spot that has been around for over 80 years.
Here, we ordered the fried calamari, the signature dish here, pronounced like “galamah.” On the side, we chose the spicy sauce, an absolute must with the calamari.
Besides the “galamah,” we ordered seafood fra diavolo with pasta and baked clams, For Greg, it was the first time eating here in many years and Jumi’s first time.
2: L&B Spumoni Gardens
2725 86th St
Brooklyn, NY 11223
Our next stop takes us to Bensonhurst. Here, we visit another Brooklyn classic. L&B Spumoni Gardens also dates back over 80 years. As the name suggests, spumoni is one of the specialties here.
But, the most famous item here at L&B is their square slice of pizza. It can be a polarizing slice among pizza fans, but we really enjoy it. Here, the cheese is first with sauce on top. Turnover is high, resulting in consistently fresh slices.
Back to the spumoni, it is a creamy and icy dessert, like a mix of Italian ice and ice cream. As for the flavors, it is a mix of vanilla, chocolate and pistachio. On this Summer day, it was refreshing and perfect after our savory dishes.
3: Villabate Alba
7001 18th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11204
Our final stop takes us to Villabate Alba. Here, we go with several sweets to cap off our day of eating Italian American food.
Villabate Alba is known for their cannoli, where they use ricotta imported from Sicily. These didn’t disappoint and were some of the best cannoli we have had in NYC. We also ordered a cup of coffee gelato, creamy and made in-house.
But, the pastry that stole the show for us was the sfogliatelle. It was unbelievably shatteringly crisp, with a light cream filling along with a strong citrus kick.
Let us know in the comments below which dish you would most like to try.
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