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How to Get to Elafonisi Beach from Chania by Bus: The Most Beautiful Beach in Greece?

In this episode, we will show you how to get to Elafonisi Beach from Chania by bus. Many people say that Elafonisi Beach is the most beautiful beach in Greece. Together, we have been to some incredible beaches around the world and Elafonisi certainly ranks up there for us.

Getting from Chania to Elafonisi can be a treacherous journey if you drive yourself. So, we highly recommend taking the bus unless you are a local or you really enjoy narrow winding mountainous roads. Thankfully, the bus is an affordable and easy way to get to this stunning island paradise. Generally, the ride will take about 2 hours depending on traffic. On our trip, it took us under 2 hours thanks to minimal traffic on the roads.

Each day, the bus leaves from the KTEL Chania bus station in the center of town promptly at 9:00 AM. Here, you can purchase your round-trip tickets, or you can purchase them online at the KTEL Online Ticket Reservation. As of September 2019, the price for a round-trip bus ticket is 11 Euros. For the return trip, the bus leaves promptly at 4:00 PM.

Of course, there are a few downsides of taking the bus. First, you are unable to catch sunrise or sunset due to the timing of the trip. But, there are a few small hotels nearby if you would like to stay overnight and then return the next day to Chania via bus.

Second, it is a long day of travel for approximately 4 to 4.5 hours of beach time. If you add it all up, you will spend around the same amount of time on the bus as you would on the beach, depending on traffic. All in all, we still highly recommend the trip, as the beach itself is stunning and unlike any other you will find in Greece. The warm shallow turquoise water, pink sands and mountainous surroundings make you feel like you are somewhere else.

TIP 1: Do NOT bring coffee or food on the bus with you. The driver will not allow it. We made this mistake. Thankfully the driver stored our food and gave it to us when we arrived in Elafonisi. So, you should plan to get up early and have your coffee and breakfast before you get on the bus. Speaking of coffee, check out our video here for the types of coffee in Greece you need to know!


TIP 2: If you are traveling together, make sure you get to the bus well before it leaves. This is especially important if you are here in the Summer or peak season. Unfortunately, we arrived at the last minute so we were unable to sit together. Keep this in mind!


TIP 3: There is minimal food available at Elafonisi Beach. There are a few snack shops with small treats. Also, they sell coffee and alcohol, but everything is more expensive. For example, a Freddo will cost about 3 Euro versus 1.50 Euro in town! We recommend bringing lunch and snacks tucked away in a bag so you can eat them when you get to Elafonisi.

Have you been to Elafonisi Beach before? Also, let us know in the comments the most beautiful beach in the world you’ve ever been to.
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