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Coffee Pot

Greek Freddo Coffee Pot Astoria

Greek freddo was first introduced to me back in 2012. During a visit to Athens, Greece, my cousin and I went to a coffee shop. With the Summer heat bearing down on us, iced coffee was in the cards. Until this point, the only Greek iced coffee I knew of was frappe, made with whipped Nescafe instant coffee. Naturally, I ordered one and a short time later, a glass with a thick white foam on top arrived next to my frappe. I asked my cousin what this was and he replied that it was a freddo. He told me that this was what was popular in Greece now and after one sip, I could taste why.

Freddo Cappuccino Greek Coffee Pot Astoria

How is a Greek freddo made? The coffee base is from espresso, so this will be prepared first. Then, blend fresh milk with ice cubes to produce the signature thick white foam. In a cup, espresso is poured on ice cubes and then the milk foam mix on top of that. After, cinnamon is generally added depending on preference. Our suggestion is to definitely say yes! The result is an iced coffee that packs a serious caffeine punch thanks to the espresso. It works especially well for the Greek coffee culture, where slow sipping under Summer sun and blue skies is a way of life.
There are a few places in NYC that offer freddo. But, it was Coffee Pot in Astoria that made the best one that we have had so far. The place itself looks like your average corner store. But, a closer look at the wooden panel shows a great painting of a Segafreddo iced freddo with “Greek Freddo” on top. As an added bonus, they give you a matching piece of Segafreddo dark chocolate, the same brand of coffee used. Our preferred way is to get it with minimal sugar and cinnamon on top. This way allows for more of the coffee flavor to come out and it blends well as you drink it.
Have you tried Greek-style freddo cappuccino before? Do you have any recommendations for Greek freddo in NYC? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!
Coffee Pot
28-19 23rd Ave
Astoria, NY 11105