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Athens Greece Cheap Eats: Where to Eat in Athens Greece for 10 Euros

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In this video, we will take you to on a Greek street food tour of Athens Greece. But, there is a catch! We will be doing a 10 Euro challenge and see how much food we can eat for 10€. There is lots of great food in Athens, so we want to show you some of the best food in Athens on a budget.

1: Το Κουλούρι του Ψυρρή (To Koulouri tou Psyrri)
Γεωρ. Καραϊσκάκη 23, Athina 105 54, Greece


First stop of this Athens Greece cheap eats tour is for an iconic street food. Koulouri, a sesame bread ring, can be found all over the streets of Athens. But, many of these koulouri come from one source. So, we decided to go right to that source, Το Κουλούρι του Ψυρρή (To Koulouri tou Psyrri). We also ate koulouri in our Greek food video in NYC.

Total Cost: 0.50€ (9.50€ remaining)


2: Peinirli Ionias
Panormou 3, Athina 115 22, Greece


Up next, we visited Peinirli Ionias, located in the Ampelokipi neighborhood of Athens. This is a place that Greg visited twice on his last trip to Athens. Here, they bake peinirli to order, which can be topped with a number of different ingredients. What is peinirli? Think of a pizza, but in the shape of a Georgian khachapuri or Turkish pide. This dish has roots in Asia Minor.

We chose the cheese and soutzouki, a cured beef that tasted a bit like pastrami with a nice cumin flavor. But, what really stands out here is the quality of the dough used. There is a nice sourdough tang and you can taste the quality that is put into the dough with each bite.

Please note that Peinirli Ionias is closed on Sundays and also is open from 8:30AM-5PM.

Total Cost: 2.70€ (6.80€ remaining)


3: Lefteris o Politis
Satovriandou 20, Athina 104 32, Greece

Up next, one of the highlights of our day. Lefteris o Politis is a classic spot for souvlaki in Omonoia, the gritty neighborhood in the center of Athens. It is regarded as one of the best in the city for good reason. “O Politis” means from Constantinopoli, present day Istanbul. The name says a lot about the dish.

On the menu, it is described as “Constantinople style meatballs.” It is made with minced beef, similar to kofte. The meat itself is grilled on metal skewers on a flat top, minimally seasoned. But, the magic comes from the combo of the juicy beef, fluffy pita that is grilled atop the meat, sliced tomato, parsley, chopped onion and best of all, the chili powder with paprika flavor. This is a must-visit when in Athens!


Total Cost: 1.90€ (4.90€ remaining)


4: Stani
Marikas Kotopouli 10, Athina 104 32, Greece


After our first three stops, we were ready for sweets. Stani is a classic dairy shop dating back to 1931 in the gritty Omonoia section of Athens, just around the corner from Lefteris o Politis. Here, they specialize in yogurt. We have never tasted Greek yogurt quite like this one before!

The sheep’s milk gives a wonderful distinct tangy flavor to the thick yogurt, which pairs perfectly with honey that isn’t cloyingly sweet. In the video, we skipped out on the walnuts to keep within our 10€ budget. But, adding them makes this a true power breakfast or snack.

This was the most expensive dish on our tour at 3.20€ for the non-walnut plate (it is 3.80€ with walnuts), but well worth every penny. Stani is a must-visit when in Athens! We are sensing a trend here.


Total Cost: 3.20€ (1.70€ remaining)


Leof. Ionias 104, Athina 104 46, Greece

For our final stop, we had exactly 1.70€ remaining in our budget, Thankfully, we knew exactly where to go that would fit. Kosmikon, a famous pastry shop dating back to 1961. Here, they are famous for galaktoboureko, a flaky pastry that is filled with custard. It also happens to be our favorite Greek dessert.


Total Cost: 1.70€ (0.00€ remaining)

Let us know in the comments below which dish you would most like to try. Are there any other great Athens cheap eats you think we should try next time?

Stay tuned for more vlogs. We are excited to show you some great content from NYC and around the world!

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Thanks for watching and reading!