Where to Eat West Indian Food in Queens New York City (Video)

Where to eat West Indian food in New York City. Trinidadian food in NYC. Guyanese food in NYC. Little Guyana Queens.

In this video, we will take you to Little Guyana in Richmond Hill/South Ozone Park Queens. It is one of our favorite food neighborhoods in NYC. We take you on a tour of delicious Trinidadian and Guyanese food down Lefferts Blvd and Liberty Avenue. Check it out to see where to eat West Indian food in Queens New York City.

Here are all of the stops we visited. You can also find many of these shops in our Queens Food Maps. They are listed on the Kew Gardens, Ozone Park and Richmond Hill map.  http://foodandfootprints.com/eat-queens-newyork-nyc-food-maps/

1: Trinciti Roti Shop
111-03 Lefferts Blvd
South Ozone Park, NY 11420

Only on weekends, Trinciti offers bake and shark, a traditional Trinidadian sandwich popular on Maracas Beach. We ordered this, as well as aloo pie, a go-to snack for us when we travel on long-haul flights. Trinciti is our favorite place to get aloo pie.


2: Good Hope Restaurant
121-15 Liberty Ave
South Richmond Hill, NY 11419


Although it is more of a drinking spot than restaurant, we stopped here for a taste of Chinese-Guyanese food. Here, the highlight was the cha chi kai chicken. But, we also ordered jerk pork fried rice, which reminded us of Chinese-American take-out fried rice.

3: Sybil’s
132-17 Liberty Ave
South Richmond Hill, NY 11419

Sybil’s is a popular Guyanese bake shop and steam table in South Richmond Hill. Here, we tried pepper pot for the first time. Also, we ordered some baked goods, including Guyanese chicken patties and tennis roll.


4: Singh’s Roti Shop & Bar
131-18 Liberty Ave
South Richmond Hill, NY 11419


Singh’s is where Greg tried Trinidadian food for the first time over 15 years ago. This Trinidadian hot spot is always busy with a festive atmosphere. Here, we ordered doubles and dhalpuri roti with goat curry.


5: Veggie Castle
132-09 Liberty Ave
South Richmond Hill, NY 11419


Located next to Sybil’s, Veggie Castle offers vegan Caribbean food and doubles as a juice bar.


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