Where to Eat Momos in New York: Himalayan Dumplings in NYC (Video)

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In this video, we will take you to Himalayan Heights in Jackson Heights Queens, one of our favorite neighborhoods in NYC. We take you on a tour of the best delicious Tibetan and Nepali dumplings.

Take a look at the list below for all of the stops on this out. These spots are all features in our Queens Food Maps. They are listed on the Jackson Heights and Sunnyside and Woodside maps.  http://foodandfootprints.com/eat-queens-newyork-nyc-food-maps/

1: Lhasa Fast Food aka Tibetan Mobile
37-50 74 St
Jackson Heights, NY 11372


Lhasa Fast Food aka Tibetan Mobile is a famous Tibetan spot hidden behind a cellphone store in Jackson Heights. Anthony Bourdain came here in his final Queens episode of Parts Unknown. Here, we ordered beef and chive momo.


2: AMDO Momo Truck
37th Road between 74 St and 75 St
Jackson Heights, NY 11372


Parked on 37th Road between 74th and 75th streets, the AMDO Truck was the Momo Crawl champion in 2015. They are known for their beef momo, which we ordered here with their spicy fermented radish. AMDO received a glowing review in the NY Times back in 2018.


3: Potala Restaurant
37-65 74 St (entrance on 37 Rd)
Jackson Heights, NY 11372


Potala Restaurant is another gem located across the street from AMDO. This spot is not to be confused with the Potala Fresh Momo truck on Broadway and 73rd Street. Here, we ordered the veggie momo, which are filled entirely with chives. Once again, Potala received a glowing review from the NY Times back in 2018.


4: Nepali Bhanchha Ghar
74-15 Roosevelt Ave (NEW LOCATION –  moved around the corner from the location shown in the video)
Jackson Heights, NY 11372


After Nepali Bhanchha Ghar won the Momo Crawl in 2017, it immediately became a must-try for us. Here, the jhol momo is the must-order, served in a spicy soup. So, we ordered a bowl of jhol momo and also had a sel roti, a fried rice flour donut that is slightly sweet. Also, this gem received a stellar review from the NY Times in 2018.


5: Momo Crave
38-07 69 St
Woodside, NY 11377


Although many fusion places can be hit-or-miss, Momo Crave in Woodside squarely falls in the former. Last year, we wrote an entire review about these Nepali fusion momo. Also, the NY Times also heaped praise. On this crawl, we ordered the tandoori momo filled with chicken. These are the most unique we have tasted to date, served on skewers and the skin covered in red tandoori spices.


6: Himalayan Yak
72-20 Roosevelt Ave
Jackson Heights, NY 11372


Yes, you can order yak meat here at Himalayan Yak! Himalayan Yak is the first Himalayan restaurant that opened in the neighborhood. Naturally, we ordered momo filled with yak meat. Here, they fried the dumplings and served them in a slightly sweet chili sauce with crisp veggies.

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