Weekend-Only Tacos in Jackson Heights, Queens NYC

Tacos are one of our favorite foods to eat in the world. In our third vlog, we take it back to our home base of Queens, NYC. Here, we show you where to eat some of the best tacos in NYC. However, you can only find these tacos on weekends. Also, they are hidden in the back of bodegas and grocery stores in the neighborhood.
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We had our first taste of weekend-only tacos in Jackson Heights back on New Year’s Eve 2017. On this frigid day, we sought refuge in the back of 5 de Mayo Food Market on Roosevelt Avenue. Thanks to a post from Eating in Translation, we were aware of the offerings of a place we had passed by countless times before.  As we walked into the back of this unassuming grocery store, the aroma of goat and offal lured us to take seats in the back. Quickly, we were hooked after our first bite of taco de tripa (intestine) and sip of consome (goat soup).
After several visits, we learned of other spots including San Antonio Farm Grocery in the back of a corner bodega and Super Star Farm a few blocks away. We decided to create this video to show you exactly where to find these delicious tacos due to the hidden nature of them.  Below, we list a guide of the three spots we highlighted in the vlog. Also, these spots can be found on our Queens food maps

Stop 1: 5 de Mayo Food Market

81-06 Roosevelt Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372

  • Taco de tripa (intestines)
  • Barbacoa de chivo (goat)
  • Barbacoa de borrego (lamb)
  • Consome (goat soup)

Stop 2: San Antonio Farm Grocery

85-25 37 Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372

  • Taco de chorizo
  • Taco de chile relleno (fried chile stuffed with cheese)

Stop 3: Super Star Farm

88-01 37 Ave,  Jackson Heights, NY 11372

  • Taco de panza (beef belly)
  • Taco de barbacoa de chivo (goat)
Have you been to any of these spots before? If so, what dishes do you like best from them? Do you know of any other exclusive hidden spots for Mexican food in NYC? Let us know in the comments below!
Thanks for watching and reading!
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