Eat Global Street Food After Dark in Queens, NYC

We are excited to announce that our first street food tour is now LIVE on AirBnb Experiences! In a span of 30 blocks in Queens, we will visit many different vendors and sample cuisines from across the world. Each night, the vendors may change, so each tour can differ. Cuisines may include Mexican, Tibetan, Filipino, Ecuadorian and Indian.
Check out the link below to sign up for this unique and delicious experience!

Eat at Hidden Gems in NYC Like a Local: Food Tour

We are excited to announce that our second food tour is now LIVE on AirBnb Experiences!
Take a trip around the world in Queens where we will take you from Southeast Asia to Latin America and more. You’ll visit some exclusive spots in Elmhurst and Jackson Heights where locals love to eat. We’ll be going off the eaten path into some hidden gems and explore two of the most diverse neighborhoods in the world!
Itineraries and spots can be tweaked for dietary restrictions. Come with an open mind and empty stomach and we’ll take care of the rest!

Food Tours

Over the years, we have been eating our way through NYC from cuisines ranging from Uzbek to Moroccan to Filipino and much more. We create our own tours on a regular basis, even if it is just the two of us spontaneously heading to a part of town armed with a list of places to try out. Traveling around the globe has inspired us to maximize our time and stomach space.
Our passion for trying different restaurants, carts, trucks and other food spots on a regular basis is tough on our wallets and waistlines! On the other hand, it is something that we would love to share with all of you, as we curate our favorite dishes and group them into a walking tour of the neighborhood. You will not only be able to sample a wide variety of eats, but explore the cultures that comprise some of the most diverse areas in the city.
Benefits of Booking a Food and Footprints Food Tour:
  • You will be able to try a larger number of dishes with a group than you would be able to on your own and you don’t need to worry about filling up too fast (although you WILL be full by the end, so bring your appetite!)
  • The stops on the tour are places that we frequent or have enjoyed and the dishes are curated accordingly
  • Be adventurous! Try that grasshopper, chicken heart or something else you may not have given mind to in the past. Minimal downside and potential upside of a new favorite dish. Regardless, it will be an experience that you will remember and be able to say you tried it!
  • Get to know fellow food tour guests. After all, you have something in common already if you booked a food tour with us!
  • Explore neighborhoods you may have never visited before, or get a deeper look into one that you have visited many times or may even live in!
  • Best of all – support local businesses! Group tours mean that we purchase larger amounts of food at each vendor for sharing and boost business as a result.

Custom Tours

We also offer custom tours of New York City with a local flair with itineraries curated by a licensed NYC sightseeing guide who is a born and raised native New Yorker. Whether you want to avoid the hordes of tourists or if you would like a mix of classic NYC sights and off the beaten path, we can tailor an itinerary for you.
Food tours can also be customized – from pizza tours to cuisine-specific and much more. Below are a few examples of what we can arrange.
  • Full Day NYC Pizza Crawl
  • 5 Borough Food Exploration (Full Day Itinerary)
Please reach out to us directly at
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