Raohe Night Market and Trying Stinky Tofu in Taipei

After a long first full day in Taipei, we visited our second night market. Raohe St Night Market is one of the most popular in the city.

Dish 1: Black Pepper Buns

Arguably, black pepper buns are the signature item at Raohe. In fact, they are so popular that airport style lines are set up for crowd control. We arrived just in time and lucked out with no line. But, a few minutes later the infamous queues quickly grew. These black pepper buns are well worth the hype.
Portable charcoal-fired tandoor ovens bake these buns to a perfectly crisp exterior. Studded on the crisp outside are sesame seeds, adding an extra level of flavor. Inside, juicy ground pork seasoned with black pepper is mixed with chopped scallions. Although we normally like to share each dish, there was no way we could just share one of these. Looking back, we regret not ordering even more!

Dish 2: One Bite Crabs

We are huge fans of soft shell crabs. So when we saw these mini soft shell crabs, there was no way we could pass this up. Although these “one bite” crabs are already fried once, they are fried again to order. This gives the crabs extra crispness. On top, chili powder is sprinkled, giving them some heat. These were very addictive and delicious to munch on.


Purposefully, we avoided eating stinky tofu in New York City. One reason is because the smell was always something we didn’t want to have in front of us. More importantly, we wanted to wait to have it in Taiwan where it is well-known. Check out our reactions for all you need to know about what we thought!

Dish 4: Ice Cream and Peanut Wrap

For dessert, we grabbed a popular night market dessert. First, a crepe is laid out and topped with peanuts. Then, these peanuts are scraped off of a large brick of brittle. On top of this, a scoop of ice cream is added along with “herbs.”
Have you tried stinky tofu? What did you think? Also, what are your favorite foods from Raohe Night Market? Let us know in the comments below!
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