Queens Night Market NYC: Rare Food in NYC (Vlog)

In this episode, we take you back to NYC for a special trip to the Queens Night Market on the opening night of the fall season back in late September 2018.


The Queens International Night Market is the first night market in NYC. It boasts a diverse lineup with food from countries all over the world, including several hard to find cuisines in NYC.


Here are all of the vendors we visited and dishes we tried from each.


1: Burmese Bites (Burma):

Keema Palata


2: Pereybeurre (Mauritius):


Chicken Biryani and Dhal Puri with lamb curry

3: Wembie (Bashkortostan, autonomous republic in Russia)


Bashkir farm cheese donuts


4: I Eat Lao Food (Laos): Here is our write-up from July 2017 on I Eat Lao Food


Nam Khao with pork and BBQ steak skewer


5: The Malaysian Project (Malaysia):


Ramly burger with cheese and Kaya toast

6: Makina Cafe (Ethiopia and Eritrea):


Beef tibs and miser with awaze sauce over injera


7: Moon Man (Indonesia):


Tasting Menu – Kue Pancong (coconut pancake), Kue Putu (steamed pandan cake) and Kue Singkong (baked cassava cake)


Let us know in the comments below which dish would you most like to try!

Follow the Queens Night Market below for updates:

Website: http://www.queensnightmarket.com

Instagram: http://instagram.com/queensnightmarket

Twitter: http://twitter.com/qnsnightmarket


Special shout-out to our friend, Wendy, for helping film parts of this video. Check her out on Instagram http://instagram.com/wendalicious888


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