First Taste of Taipei: Amazing Beef Noodle Soup and Fresh Brewed Bubble Tea

Our first taste of Taipei came after 20 hours of traveling from NYC via Hong Kong. Finally, we had made it to Taiwan! We checked into our AirBnb and headed straight to the city to fill our bellies.
First, we walked down a narrow alley to seek out Lao Pai Niu Rou Mien. We were easily able to find it thanks to the aroma of star anise that filled the air. This spot specializes in beef noodle soup and was packed full of customers. Immediately, we saw the fresh noodles being boiled. We were amazed with the fragrant, spicy flavor-packed beef and tendon noodle soup here. At our table, there was a large wooden bowl full of lightly pickled veggies. Our bowl was full of silky soft beef tendons and flavorful chunks of beef. Early on, there was a chunk of star anise in one of the first sips. Even in near 100 degree temperatures, there is something that feels right about eating hot soups in Asia.
After our soup, we were ready for a cold beverage. We stumbled upon Sharetea, a bright and inviting bubble tea spot. Some of the teas looked new to us, including lemon sijichun. We also ordered an orange chamomile, which was freshly brewed in front of us using loose leaf tea. This was an impressive touch that we haven’t seen before at any other bubble tea places.
Stop 1: Lao Pai Niu Rou Mian 老牌牛肉拉麵大王
No. 7, Lane 46, Section 1, Chongqing South Road
Zhongzheng District, 台北市 100
Stop 2: Sharetea
It was a great start to our visit to Taiwan. Stay tuned for more vlogs from our stay. Subscribe to our YouTube channel at the link below to get them as soon as they come out.
Thanks for watching and reading!
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