What to Eat in One Delicious Day on Penang Island

We wrote a guest post for Eat Your World about the great food we had in Penang, Malaysia. As some of you may remember, we weren’t even supposed to be on that side of the world at the time!

In Malaysia, Pulau Pinang, or Penang Island, is acclaimed for its diversity and high quality of food—a fact apparent when you’re strolling through the UNESCO World Heritage city of George Town, the island’s capital (and the country’s second-largest city, behind Kuala Lumpur). Within a short stretch, there are beautiful Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Catholic places of worship. Its British-colonial past is reflected in some of the architecture; Chinese-signposted storefronts show the legacy of the many migrants who’ve been drawn to the island. With such cultural influences, it’s no wonder there’s a tremendous variety of culinary delights to be found here.
Although we didn’t have a lot of time on this trip, we were able to eat a nice selection of staples, and gather ideas for more to eat on a future visit. Below are the highlights condensed into a one-day food-tour format, which pairs perfectly with exploring the many sights on foot. Not only is it delicious, but you’ll also burn off some of the calories along the way!

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