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Greg Victor was born and raised in Queens, New York, one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the world. Growing up in Queens opened his palate up to different foods and exposed him to many different cultures within a few subway stops. His passion for travel began with a solo trip to Turkey in 2011 and has deepened each year. When he is not at his desk job or drinking (Joe’s) black coffee, he is seeking out great deals on travel, writing most of the posts, researching hole in the wall places to eatordering most of the food and planning most of the trips.
Jo Mae ‘Jumi’ is a transplant from 8,750 miles away. She was born in the the largest ethnic region of Philippines, the Visayas, raised in one of the country’s many beautiful islands and is currently a local of Queens, New York, but yearns for the island life and palm trees. She is the woman in-charge of the website’s design, maintenance, and (most of the time) the eye behind the camera. She loves exotic food, places and a cup of strong tea. When not taking pictures, wandering places and eating local food, she is a Registered Nurse by profession.
Taste-trotting around the globe through travel. Unbeknownst to mostly everybody, the duo met via Instagram (back when the app was less popular than it is now) in the Fall of 2012. Conversation over fried grasshopper and ant larvae revealed their passion for adventure, may it be food or travel. They continued to explore city by foot, train and water. These excursions increasingly became focused on finding unique, delicious food and the ensuing adventures along the way.
Since then they did not stop exploring. They prefer not to cook and to spend their money  supporting local spots (eating out doesn’t have to be a luxury). Their life in Queens, New York is all about finding hole in the wall spots from one borough to another. 
The idea of blogging came to mind three years ago with a goal to document and share every gems they uncover wherever they go. Both of them heavily research where to find the best local food and memorable sites worth their precious time and stomach space at each destination. Their continued exploration of NYC as locals with the zeal of tourists further honed their budding passion for enjoying great eats and experiences.
As a duo, they began traveling in Winter 2014 and since then, their love for food and travel intensified. The phrase “I’m jealous of all your travels” inspired them to pursue blogging, because they believe that everyone can travel and experience things without spending too much (traveling is not out of reach as some may think) and that’s why they are here to share their experiences. They both prefer to see and experience the world comfortably with a laid-back mindset. Like many travel bloggers, their goal is to share their food and travel experiences one country at a time.
Eat often. Travel Wisely.

Thank you, Gracias, Salamat, ευχαριστώ for stopping by ♥

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